NorthCape4000 Rules

Art. 1 – Registration

The NorthCape4000 is open to all persons who are or will be 18 years of age or over at the moment of registration regardless of nationality.

Art. 2 – Affiliation

The NorthCape4000 is an event reserved for those subscribed to the Bike Soul SSDrl.
Whoever is not affiliated to this association will automatically become temporary members at the time of registration.

Art. 3 – Route

The organization will provide all participants with a complete track of the route to be followed until the arrival in North Cape, but remember that, at any time and for any reason related to your safety, as well as traffic and road conditions, including road works, deviations and any other imponderable situation that you may face along the track we have provided, you are free, at your discretion, to leave the track and resume it as soon as these conditions have ceased and your safety is guaranteed again. So, you can deviate from the path at any time and then resume it later, using alternative roads at your discretion, if conditions require it. In any case, the organization will always be able to check your route, your position and your speed.
Track length: 4300 km +/- 6%
Start: Turin – Italy
Finish: North Cape – Norway
The organisers reserve the right to modify the route wherever necessary up to a few days before the official start date.

Art. 4 – Grand Depart

Date of the grand depart 2019: July 27th.

Art. 5 – Important notes regarding the event.

NorthCape4000 is an adventure by bike on tarmac. There are no sections closed to traffic, the whole route will be always open to other traffic and as such it is obligatory for all participants to respect and abide by the rules of the road and to be considerate to other trail users.
All participants should be physically prepared especially for extended periods of pedalling and above all a spirit of adaptability.
In the spirit of bikepacking it is forbidden for any kind of external support (except of course in cases of emergency). It is forbidden to use any form of mechanised transport and to modify the route in any way. If one needs to deviate from the designated track for whatever reason it is expected that that person must retrace their steps to the point of deviation before carrying on with the trail.
It is expected that all participants have a good knowledge of using and following a GPS, and that of basic orientation.
Any person not adhering to the rules shall be disqualified.
Is mandatory

Art. 6 – Registration Costs

From December 10 to January 31: 357 euro
From February 1 to May 30: 449 euro
Available slots: 180
Subscriptions close: May 30th, 2019 23:59 GMT or at the achievement of available slots.
If for whatever reason after registration you are not able to participate in the NorthCape4000 2019, unfortunately the registration fees cannot be transferred to the following year, and the registration fees can NOT be reimbursed.

The registration fees include:

  • Live Tracking (free use for the duration of the event)
  • Heavy media coverage of the event through equipped MediaCenter, with live production of contents for the entire duration of the event
  • MSP sports insurance (orange card)
  • Full track of the route in .gpx format.
  • Meeting with participants before the start
  • Addition of the participant to the RIDERS page, with personal BIO of the participant, photo, sponsor area, “NorthCape4000” badge.
  • Digital guide
  • Participant tracking on NorthCape4000 LIVE MAP
  • NorthCape4000 gadgets
  • Event pack
  • NorthCape4000 Finisher Certificate
  • Addition to the Finisher 2019 page

Art. 7 – Controls and live tracking

The participant’s Live Tracking system during the event and the updating of the position of each athlete on the LIVE MAP, is implemented through a tracking system provided free of charge by the organization to each participant for the entire duration of the event. For the 2019 edition, we are working to ensure the best available solution for the event and the organization, as soon as possible and well in advance, will provide all the details to the participants.

Art. 8 – Obligatory Kit

For their own personal safety and in cases of emergency or loss of the track, every participant is obliged to carry this mandatory equipment:
-adequate front lighting system
-adequate rear lighting system
-high visibility reflective jacket