NorthCape4000. Tailored Adventure.

All adventure seekers and bikepacking lovers should be able to live an extraordinary experience as the conquest of the Arctic Circle while riding a bicycle. For this reason, at the NorthCape4000, the most participated UltraDistance bicycle Adventure in the World, there is space and freedom for different performance and philosophies.

Athletes who are able to ride for 300km a day or two-wheeled adventurers who dream of a campfire under a sky streaked with a thousand stars, the NorthCape4000 guarantees each participant to be able to live and share terrific experience from all points of view, and each with their own approach.

You all will start together from Turin and only you will decide whether and with whom to share your way. Furthermore, you will have complete responsibility for all the other aspects of the challenge, from the management of the stages and the place where you rest up to the bike setup and the best equipment to deal with the distance and the incredible variety of landscapes and conditions that you will encounter towards North Cape. In the 2023 Edition VI, you will have to follow a fixed route, which is the same for all participants and provided directly by the organization. A carefully studied track will accompany you through 10 nations and 4200 km, until you reach North Cape.

For all these reasons, in addition to the beauty of what you’ll see, the NorthCape4000 is a challenge that brings with it a wealth of experience and autonomy unparalleled in the bikepacking world.

So, for whatever reason you decide to be at the start on July 22, 2023, we guarantee that you will return more aware and mature, with many unforgettable stories and experiences.

The Experience of Life.

The only event in the world, among the Ultra-Distance Bicycle Adventures, to start regularly in 2021, the NorthCape4000 is not just a sporting event, but an indelible experience that will accompany you for a long time and that you will treasure every day, probably for the rest of your life. Ask who has already participated, find out and discover why, after just five years, this is the reference event in the world of ultra-distance bikepacking.

Far away from the “races” and fanaticism that now spoil every corner of the sport world, at NorthCape4000, you come to run or enjoy the journey, the choice is yours, but with respect, a fair play and a desire to have fun that unite all our participants and that you will not find in any other bikepacking event.

Then, it’s up to you to cycle with your eyes glued to the front wheel or to cycle in dreamlike scenarios with fellow bikers who make the difference.

A completely new Extraordinary Route every Edition

We don’t draw a line from A to B and we don’t find our tracks on the internet or on travel forums. Every year, the NorthCape4000 staff creates a completely new event, in numbers and route, which is planned thanks to dozens of hours of study on maps through the most advanced map-making and the most accurate field research. Every year, we bring new faces, atmospheres and suggestions of an ever-changing Europe able to excite you and make you feel like pioneers even in the age of smartphones. Every year, we take you to an unparalleled place making everything terribly special.

Media coverage. The Pedigree of a unique event.

According to the data, in the Bikepacking world, there is no covered and followed event like the NorthCape4000. If you have sporting ambitions, need for visibility or simply want to feel at the centre of a fantastic story told live from all over Europe, we are waiting for you.

We provide for two service cars, Polar 1 & Polar 2, that beat the entire European continent with a permanent staff of 8 people following the participants. They are equipped with the latest and high-performance media equipment producing daily contributions and reaching a wide public that hit almost a million people (website & social channels) in 146 countries of the world at the fourth edition.

With a heavy expense budget dedicated to each edition, you will be certain, by participating, to take part in a unique event organized by the best sports management currently in circulation in the Bikepacking world.

Copywriters, videomakers, photographers, social media managers, cartography experts and first of all Adventurers, here is our Staff. The world of the two-wheeled adventure had never seen anything so structured and professional, for this reason, every year, the NorthCape4000 offers memories that are not erased.

The longest unsupported adventure in Europe in a highly organized event.

It’s clear to all, in recent years the growth of bikepacking has not gone hand in hand with the quality of its events; the result is that today the majority of bikepacking events are mostly simple Facebook pages, with no or very little organization in the field.

No story, few emotions.

Furthermore, many of these events, at the base, do not even have an original idea or a proprietary format, limiting themselves to copying and imitating those that work, thinking that it is enough to choose the same geographical point to be successful.

Events in which the organizers have even struggled to equip themselves with a simple logo or the most elementary rules of conduct, not to mention the concepts of safety, responsibility and presence in the field.

We love the Bikepacking world and, for this reason, since the very beginning of the event, we decided to create a real, physical and well organized event, with people, smiles and handshakes in the field. Our event boasts partnerships with some of the most prestigious companies and government agencies in the world, aiming incessantly at a single and great goal: the enjoyment of its participants.

This is the Northcape4000.

Nordkapp : Home of the NorthCape4000

The North Cape or Nordkapp in Norwegian, or Davvenjárga in Northern Sami, is a cape on the northern coast of the island of Magerøya in Northern Norway. Lying within the Arctic Circle, here is a land of such magnificence, of such breathtaking beauty that it arouses the senses, fires the imagination and yet it can also be a harsh land, where mother nature can show both her tranquil and her malevolent side.

A fitting destination for adventurers, travellers and those who enjoy, nay yearn for the challenge of cycling over 4000 km unsupported.

From the lush, warm mediterranean climes, through the heart of Europe, always north; through valleys and mountain passes, through age old towns and cities, always heading north; through the forests of Lapland, and yet still north, eventually to arrive at the Barents Sea at the foot of the North Cape. It is rumoured that the North Cape is indeed a magical land, a place where dreams and reality are in harmony, and with this in mind we have created the NorthCape4000. So prepare your senses for an amazing bike challenge, a journey for the body but also a journey for the heart and soul.

Field conditions

Are you ready to pedal across a whole continent? From the Mediterranean basin until the last strip of land of Europe before the North Pole. Such distances means that you will be travelling through a multitude of conditions and climatic regions. It is the responsibility of each and every participant to prepare themselves accordingly, taking into account conditions, climate, diverse cultural and regional considerations and every other organisational aspect, before and during the event.

Other information can be found on the Facebook event channel & group.

Useful information

The NorthCape4000 is an UltraDistance Adventure in complete autonomy. This means that the participants are required to have awareness and attention in the preparation of every aspect of the event. The world of adventure in fact requires flexibility, a spirit of adaptation and responsibility.

In this website you will find many useful resources and the participants will be sent detailed information both on general aspects of the event and on the programming in the field, with support points and progressive mileage of the territories crossed, especially for the final part it crosses. Lapland and the Arctic Circle.

The NorthCape4000 takes place entirely in one of the safest, most modern and served continents in the world: Europe. Remember, however, that it is always the responsibility of those who participate to plan and study the route that will be sent as well as the various aspects of the challenge, from the study of the climate and equipment to the management of the stages and support points.

For more information and to get in touch with all the other participants, subscribe to the Facebook group and start dreaming of the NorthCape4000 with your future traveling companions today.