NorthCape4000 Edition IV

Forget who you are, clear your mind and leave all certainties behind. For the fourth year running, we invite you to take part in a unique and extraordinary challenge, known throughout the world, able to sweep away all physical, mental and geographical boundaries and to redefine the image you have of your life and your potential completely, with the greatness of its numbers and the magic of its charm. This is NorthCape4000, the UltraDistance Bikepacking event capable of taking your life to the next level. 

Together with athletes from all over the world, in Edition IV, you will start on Saturday, July 24, 2021, from Rovereto, in the town of Arco, heading towards North Cape. 4000 breathtaking kilometers, completely on asphalt, which honor the name of the event, even 600 km less than the third edition, traced in a workmanlike manner by our staff thanks to numerous field checks and the use of the most advanced mapping tools. 

Once again, year after year, the NorthCape4000 reinvents itself, giving you a unique and unprecedented journey, where beauty, emotions and old-fashioned atmospheres are blended with manic care. 

Keep in mind these four letters: East. Just this word, source of endless fascination for a West that seems perpetually trapped in the past, will mark NorthCape4000 Edition IV indelibly, like a tattoo.

Now, let’s ride the bike. Leaving Lake Garda and just after warming your legs, the Giulie Alps and the first border with Slovenia await you, surrounded by the lush greenery of Triglavski Narodni Park. You will arrive in the fairytale picture of Lake of Bled and, from there, you will cycle through the green Slovenian countryside, until you enter Croatia and then Hungary, surrounded by small country villages steeped in Magyar atmosphere that will make you feel the arrival at a different Europe, extraordinarily straightforward, rich in culture and traditions.

With the GPS heading North-East, you will reach Gate number 1, located on the banks of the largest stretch of water in Europe, 596 square kilometers of fresh and sparkling water named Lake Balaton. From the “Hungarian Sea”, you will head for one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Budapest, with the luxury of being able to enjoy its beauty from bike-friendly routes and in complete safety. Going on biking, you will then arrive Slovakia and the immense green lung of the Narodni Park of the Tatra Mountains, a region of incredible beauty and variety, for its landscapes and customs, which will take you to the border with another expression of authentic East: Poland. After 1300 km biking, get ready to experience the charm of the Middle Ages, which will be the protagonist of Gate number 2 in Krakow, the beautiful postcard city, UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on the banks of the Vistula River.

From Krakow, you will head East towards the border with Ukraine and then Belarus. Just on this main road, a few meters from these countries, you will cross Poland until reaching the Baltic Republics. In the meantime, we guarantee you that this incredible adventure will have already taken possession of every fiber of your body and mind, allowing you to realize the grandeur of what you embarked on, perhaps for the first time after departure.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: it is along the roads of these “middle” nations, made unique by the continuous Russian, German and Scandinavian influences, that you will have the exact feeling of being at a turning point of NorthCape4000. The time to get your stamp at Gate 3 in Riga and you will head for Tallinn, boarding to reach Helsinki, Finland, the gateway to a magical and silent world: Scandinavia.

Welcome to the NorthCape4000 world, featuring rivers of forests as far as the eye can see, crystal-clear and fragrant air, millions of lakes and the sky full of sparkling stars. If there is a place where a man can make a personal journey and return to life, this is the right place. You will cycle towards the Great North accompanied by a light that does not go away and a night that does not arrive, reaching the sparkling Lapland and the place where each of us feel like a child again: Rovaniemi.

The gate to the Arctic Circle, located exactly in the Santa Claus Village of Rovaniemi, home of our Gate number 4, will actually open the way to North Cape, with the last, unforgettable, 700 km to the end of the world.

The rugged and wild beauty of Oldefjord and the Barents Sea and finally, after an Adventure that will take you to travel deep into your soul and across Europe, here is the unmistakable promontory of Mageroya and the globe of North Cape, eternal symbols of courage and pioneering spirit that lies in the depths of every human being.

Expect the maximum, this is the NorthCape4000.

News for the 2021 edition: Introduction of time limit. Because here, the word Finisher, is not just a simple word.

Designed to give everyone the opportunity to live an extraordinary human experience, the NorthCape4000 has been open to different philosophies and performances since its inception, so even in 2021 you will continue to be free to cover the path with maximum freedom and you can get to North Cape whenever you want, enjoying the event and its magical atmosphere in every aspect. 

However, you should know that, in order to get the title of Edition IV Finisher and be placed in the order of arrival, you must complete the route in a maximum of 22 days (by August 15, 2021). 

Actually, you will be a 2021 edition Finisher if you arrive in North Cape covering an average distance of 180 km per day. In any case, be sure, whatever your arrival time, you will experience something epic and memorable. 


For the 2021 edition of the NorthCape4000 there are 4 Gates (checkpoints) along the route. These are strategically placed in areas of geographical significance. At each checkpoint, participants will be asked to validate their travel. If, for whatever reason, any or all of the gates are missed the participant will be automatically disqualified.

The four gates (checkpoints) are listed below:

  • G1 – Balaton (Hungary)

  • G2 – Krakow (Poland)

  • G3 – Riga (Latvia)

  • G4 – Rovaniemi (Finland)


The only ferries permitted during the NorthCape4000, to be booked at the discretion of the participants, are those listed below:

  • Tallinn (Estonia) / Helsinki (Finland)

Any other sea routes are forbidden.