NorthCape4000 Edition 2019

Cooking the books, once again, to give you so many emotions that you cannot count them. In 2019, you will write the first chapter of your Adventure in the sumptuous city of Turin, Italy, exactly on July 27, 2019, the starting day of edition number 3. Just in this city, among the most elegant and culture-rich cities in Europe, you will begin to dream about the Arctic and share the spirit of NorthCape4000 with people from all over the world.

As already happened in the 2018 edition, also for the third edition of NorthCape4000, you will be provided with a complete track, planned with the utmost care and completely on asphalt, which will unfold on an entirely new route where not even a meter of the 4300 km that you will face will be the same as those already covered in the past, allowing you to share and intertwine your story with that of other athletes and lovers of cycling adventures.

But let’s go back to the route: new departure and new control gates in order to let us, once again, show you a new face of a continent in which culture and beauty have always shaped everything, from landscapes to people: Europe.

You will cross dream-like landscapes and views of every kind, from the majesty of one of the most legendary Alpine passes, the Great St. Bernard (2473 m a.s.l.), to the Swiss lakes and the ridge of river Rhine, between France and Germany. After the charme of Alsace you go through the fascinating forests of Luxembourg and Belgium, in the Ardennes region, where you will find Gate 2 in Bastogne, a symbolic town and theatre of one of the most famous battles of the Second World War, just a breath and from Bastogne you will head to Liegi, to experience the unrepeatable emotion of the route of one of the greatest classics of the north, the Liegi – Bastogne – Liegi, and then still cross the ultra-fast spaces of Lower Saxony.

You will cycle breathing the scent of the North Sea and the sinuous Danish countryside up to the intimate, balsamic and deep scent of the Swedish and Norwegian forests, and then reach an earthly paradise called Lofoten, home of our Gate number 4, surrounded by an outstanding natural setting.

Finally, after an adventure that will have deeply changed and shaped you, as well as made you know your fellow travellers as they were your brothers and sisters, you will conquer a place which is so spiritual and fascinating that seems to have come out directly from a fairytale, a timeless place that has never needed any introduction: North Cape.

Get ready to live the greatest and most exciting experience of your life. The 3rd edition of NorthCape4000 will be the sum of all your dreams and ambitions.

There are Bikepacking events. Then, there is the NorthCape4000.


For the 2019 edition of the NorthCape4000 there are 4 Gates (checkpoints) along the route. These are strategically placed in areas of geographical significance. At each checkpoint, participants will be asked to validate their travel. If, for whatever reason, any or all of the gates are missed the participant will be automatically disqualified.

The four gates (checkpoints) are listed below:

  • G1 – Strasburgo (France)
  • G2 – Bastogne (Belgium)
  • G3 – Oslo (Norway)
  • G4 – Lofoten (Norway)


The only ferries permitted during the NorthCape4000, to be booked at the discretion of the participants, are those listed below:

  • Frederikshavn (Denmark) / Oslo (Norway)
  • Hirtshals (Denmark) / Langesund (Norway)
  • Hirtshals (Denmark) / Larvik (Norway)
  • Bodo (Norway) / Moskenes (Lofoten – Norway)

Any other sea routes are forbidden.