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Edition IV.

Technical & Logistics Supporters


Visit Rovaniemi

In a magical land called Lapland, imagine our Gate number IV, located exactly in the Santa Claus Village of Rovaniemi. Powered by Visit Rovaniemi


Svitol is the Arexons brand for a complete range of multifunctional lubricants and looseners made by Arexons since 1938.

Miss Grape

Borse per bikepacking di alta qualità completamente made in italy.


A digital platform developed to fuel your passion and the desire to face new challenges.

Tihany Tourinform

On the magical shores of Lake Balaton there is a special town where our Gate number 1 is located: Tihany


Safety consulting

Visit Nordkapp 71°10’21”

The end of the journey will be the Nordkapp Visitor Center.

Comune di Rovereto

The municipality of Rovereto (TN) from where the NC4K starts

Visit Krakow

Make the most of your trip to Kraków


Live Riga

Protagonist of the Edition IV, the Official Tourist Board of the city of Riga, will host the Gate number III.

Progetto Manifattura

An incubator and hub for companies with sustainable projects managed by Trentino Sviluppo

Invest in Trentino

Fast connections with the main capitals of the continent, thanks to top-notch infrastructures