FAQ / NorthCape4000 – Edition III

  1. Registration process
  2. Terms and conditions of registration for the event (NEW)
  3. Your “NC4K Edition III” badge in the Riders page
  4. Documents required to participate.
  5. How to provide the medical certificate.
  6. Identity documents required to travel through the countries covered by the event.
  7. Request for invitation letters for foreign participants (VISA application procedure) (NEW)
  8. Date of sending the 2019 track to participants
  9. Interpretation of the track
  10. Meeting / Grand Depart at Reggia di Venaria Reale
  11. GPRS Tracker
  12. Altimetric Profile of Great San Bernard Pass
  13. Ferries in the Edition III
  14. Lofoten sector of the NorthCape4000 Edition III
  15. Infringements and penalties
  16. Tracking system
  17. Staff Media coverage during the event (NEW)
  18. Mandatory equipment
  19. Gates : Address / GPS Coordinates, opening time and validation procedures
  20. The last kilometres towards North Cape
    Information and altimetry of Mageroya Island
  21. Overnight stays, supermarkets, ATMs and services available
  22. NorthCape visitor centre, business hours, info and services
  23. What to do on arrival: registration procedure and NC4K Finisher stamp
  24. The staff NorthCape4000 & Visit Norway at the NorthCape.
  25. From NorthCape to Alta, available buses, stops and how to bring the bike onboard
  26. International Airport of Alta, retrieval of bicycle packaging
  27. Where to find the carton for your bike in Alta
  28. Use of the Facebook Group and communication with NC4K Staff (NEW)
  29. NorthCape4000 philosophy and behaviours not in line with the spirit of the event (NEW)


If you want information on a topic that you have not found in the section or you want to contribute to a page, send an email to info@northcape4000.com.

Your feedback and experience are important.


A) 2019 registration process

Registrations for the 2019 edition will open on Monday 10 December at 9 p.m. Italian time and, as for previous editions, they will take place on the event’s website (www.northcape4000.com) through an online procedure. For the 2019 edition, there are 180 places available.

At NorthCape4000, we have no intermediate stages of approval of participants. Except for a non-competitive medical certificate, which is required to all riders, you do not have to submit any other documents. Once you have completed the registration and payment process, you will be 100% in; North Cape is waiting for you. Compared to previous editions the registration procedure has been made much easier and faster, you will be able to register with 2 steps.

Registrations will remain open until May 30, 2019 unless the available places are filled (180). In this case, the registration page, regardless of the date, will be automatically blocked by the system when the number of participants is reached and you can no longer access the event for the 2019 edition.

Payment of the registration is made by Paypal, most safety and used payment platform in the world.

B) Terms and conditions of registration for the event

Registration for the event is not refundable and is valid only for the current edition.

It is right and we want to explain the reasons: unlike other Bikepacking events, at NorthCape4000, we are extremely clear about the standards of the event and we decided to give it high quality features from the outset. These features are very expensive. Whether it’s the Europe-wide inspections or the obsessive study to provide a 4500 km track every year, the complete coverage of the event in the field with professionals in tow, 2 service cars and latest generation equipment, or the GPRS trackers included in the registration, the NorthCape4000, at the time we are writing, is the only UltraDistance event offering and guaranteeing such a level of quality and investment on these mileages, besides the professional cycling events. In a micro-world like the Bikepacking one, this can be easily verified and, as we are sure of what we are saying, we invite you to do it: find out more! Precisely because of the standards of the event and whatever the number of participants in each edition, we expose ourselves in advance to ensure an unchanged level of quality every year, and we do so without knowing at all the result of each edition, incurring significant costs at the launch stage and throughout the event, based on each participant. That’s why your registration fee, even if you decide not to use it, is used to keep the NorthCape4000 operating and increasingly accurate.

C) Your “NC4K Edition III” badge in the Riders page

At NorthCape4000, the real asset of the event is you. You will embark on a wonderful two-wheeled experience that will inspire other people; for this reason, once you register and if you wish, you will be on the 2019 Riders page. The world needs positive examples!

We will create a space dedicated to the participants, each one with a dedicated “NC4K Edition III” file, who can show:

  • 1 profile photo
  • a short BIO
  • a list of your personal sponsor.

You are not required to send us your photos and story, but if you decide to do so, these are the specifications of the material required:

  • profile photo must have a max size of 2 mb
  • Text of BIO must have a maximum length of 300 characters
  • Text of Sponsor list must have a maximum length of 200 characters

The material can be sent by 31 May 2019, exclusively to the e-mail address “info@northcape4000.com”, specifying your first and last name, the same ones you used to register for the event.

End of may 2019, the riders page will be online with the list of all 2019 riders.

D) Documents required to participate.

issued in your language by your family doctor, where he certifies that you are in good health, free of conditions incompatible with the practice of amateur cycling and, therefore, able to participate in a long distance non-competitive cycling event such as NorthCape4000. The certificate, which usually lasts one year, must have at least two months of residual validity at the time of the event’s departure.

E) How to provide the medical certificate.

The medical certificate can be provided to the organization in two ways:

– uploading it online during the registration phase

– sending it by e-mail to office@northcape4000.com no later than one month after the event’s departure.

Remember that it cannot be delivered by hand on the day of departure in any case. If you have not sent the medical certificate with a validity of at least 2 months from the date of departure, you will not be able to take part in the event.

F) Identity documents required to travel through the countries covered by the event

If you are an EU citizen, the document we recommend you have with you during the event is your Identity Card. At NorthCape4000, you will pass through all EU member countries or, like Norway, members of the Schengen area, so the only document required to enter and pass through these countries is your Identity Card.

If you are not an EU citizen, the required document is your passport and, in some cases, depending on your nationality, an entry visa as well, usually a 90-day tourist visa. We recommend that you contact the government offices of your country to find out the exact details of the visa that may be required.

G) Request for invitation letters for foreign participants (VISA application procedure)

Foreign participants may request the invitation letter or documents relating to visa applications exclusively by e-mail and by the end of May 2020. Therefore, we advise foreign participants to start the visa application procedure well in advance in order to avoid last-minute requests that, for organizational reasons, we will not be able to meet, not to mention that if you apply for a visa at the last minute you will be unable to solve it with the Italian representatives abroad in case of problems.

H) Date of sending the 2019 track to participants

The temporary full track of the 2019 edition will be sent by e-mail to participants approximately 4 months before departure (early April), while the final version of the route, which you can load on your GPS device, will be sent about 2 months before the start of the event (late May). In this way, you will have the opportunity to plan well in advance your stages and to manage the route to North Cape thoroughly.

I) Interpretation of the track

The organization will provide all participants with a complete track of the route to be followed until the arrival in North Cape, but remember that, at any time and for any reason related to your safety, as well as traffic and road conditions, including road works, deviations and any other imponderable situation that you may face along the track we have provided, you are free, at your discretion, to leave the track and resume it as soon as these conditions have ceased and your safety is guaranteed again. So, you can deviate from the path at any time and then resume it later, using alternative roads at your discretion, if conditions require it. In any case, the organization will always be able to check your route, your position and your speed.

J) Meeting with Participants and Grand Depart at Reggia di Venaria Reale (TO)

Pedigree of the NorthCape4000 is the start of the event in some of the most enchanting places in Italy. We did it in Florence, we did it on Lake Garda and now, in the majestic setting of the Reggia di Venaria. Know that only the Giro d’Italia managed to start from inside the Palace, like the NorthCape4000.

The Meeting with the Participants in the afternoon of july 26 (from 3 pm to 6 pm) and the Grand Depart of july 27 (Rendez vous at 7.30am / Grand Depart 8.00 am) of the NorthCape4000 Edition III, will take place at Reggia di Venaria Reale (Turin). Here the details:

Meeting july 26, from 3pm to 6pm:  “Aula Magna” – Fondazione Centro di Conservazione e Restauro di Venaria Reale – Via XX Settembre 18 – 10078 Venaria Reale (TO) Italy  – Tel. +39 011 4993.011

Grand Depart july 27 (Rendez vous at 07.30am / Grand Depart 08.00am) :
Corte d’Onore –   10078 Venaria Reale (TO) Italy
GPS : 45° 8’ 8.556” – 7° 37’ 26.223”

K) GPRS Tracker in the Edition III

In the third edition of the NorthCape4000, each participant will receive a satellite GPRS tracker, on a free loan, for the entire duration of the event. The device will be delivered during the meeting on July 26th. For participants who want to use their personal SPOT (active service plan required), it is sufficient for us to be informed, even during the meeting of 26, of the PUBLIC SPOT KEY of the device, in this way we can connect the participant’s device to the live map.

As a guarantee, a deposit of 110 euro must be paid (full refunded upon return of the device). To be refunded the device must be shipped working and complete with all its accessories (case and USB charging cable) to the address that the Staff has sent to you. For technical specs about the GPRS tracker was sent to each participant.

L) Altimetric Profile of Great San Bernard Pass

Great San Bernard Pass - Altimetric Profile
Great San Bernard Pass – Altimetric Profile

M) Ferries in the Edition III

In the third edition of the NorthCape4000 you will have to face a short river crossing from Wischhafen to Gluckstadt, Germany, and two stretches of sea, respectively from Denmark to Norway and from mainland Norway to the Lofoten islands, home of our Gate number 4. The following routes are available:

Wischhafen (Germany) / Gluckstadt (Germany)

Frederikshavn (Denmark) / Oslo (Norway)

Hirtshals (Denmark) / Langesund (Norway)

Hirtshals (Denmark) / Larvik (Norway)

Bodo (Norway) / Moskenes (Lofoten – Norway)

Regarding the first short crossing of the Elbe river in Germany, from Wischhafen (Germany) to Gluckstadt (Germany), you can find info here : https://www.elbfaehre.de/

About the second crossing from Denmark to Norway you will have 3 sea routes available, at your complete discretion. In fact you will decide whether to arrive in Oslo directly via the Frederikshavn / Oslo sea route or, covering a greater distance by bike, choose the routes that depart from Hirtshals and arrive in Langesund or Larvik, and then reach Oslo by bike, with an additional track provided by the organization (approximate length about 170 km from Langesund and 134 km from Larvik).

In any case, you will have free choice based on your travel plan and your needs. Remember that any other route by sea is prohibited.

For ferry reservations or viewing prices, you can consult the many sites of maritime brokers such as:


www.directferries.it / … co.uk

Or directly the shipping companies that cover the routes involved, in this case, to find the shipping companies directly and make the booking on their website or even to see the prices / availability of the various routes, just text the route on Google, for example “ferry from Frederikshavn to Oslo” and find the company in the search results, in this case the STENA LINE: https://www.stenaline.nl/en-GB-nl/crossings/frederikshavn-oslo.

For the crossing from Bodo to Moskenes in the Lofoten Islands it is possible to get all the information on the website of the maritime company:


Or on the travel planner of Nordland County Council:


N) Lofoten sector of the NorthCape4000 Edition III

O) Infringements and penalties

rules or conduct that goes against the founding values or the spirit of the event, after direct communication to the person concerned and in case there is no repentance by the same, the organization is free to adopt various types of penalties up to the exclusion of the participant from the event in the most serious cases. In the 2018 edition 1 participant was expelled from the event and 6 others were penalized.

P) Tracking system

The participant’s Live Tracking system during the event and the updating of the position of each athlete on the LIVE MAP, is implemented through a tracking system provided free of charge by the organization to each participant for the entire duration of the event. For the 2019 edition, we are working to ensure the best available solution for the event and the organization, as soon as possible and well in advance, will provide all the details to the participants.

Q) Staff Media Coverage during the event 

Since its inception, NorthCape4000 has been characterized by the physical presence of its staff in the field up to North Cape. We are talking about covering the whole of Europe. Together with us, 2 service cars, a control gate system organized with staff from all over Europe and the latest technological equipment. Nevertheless, you can understand that, in an event of such distance and scope, it is very difficult to ensure that all participants are taken in the photos and videos of the edition, even if deploying considerable resources. We assure you that we will do our best to make you protagonists of the event, but please do not to send us emails or publish posts, as already happened, to ask to appear in the videos or to be reached by the nearest car, as well as complain about not being framed. Remember that we, like you, cover the whole Europe and have no preferences! In addition, while the participant ahead is probably in Denmark, the one in the queue is still in Switzerland, so there may be even a 1500 km long distance, then it is impossible to cover every participant with photos and videos; it would be nice, but it is not really feasible, believe us!

Furthermore, remember that the NorthCape4000 experience will remain unique regardless of whether you are shown in the videos or not, because even if they are beautiful, they are only the outline of your magical Adventure. Live the event without distractions and with the spirit that most satisfies you, we guarantee that you will treasure the greatest experience of your life.

R) Mandatory equipment

On the day of departure (27 July 2019) and the day before, during the collection of the competitor’s pack (26 July 2019), we will check that each participant has the following minimum safety equipment, otherwise he will not be able to take part in the event:

  • helmet
  • adequate front lighting system
  • adequate rear lighting system
  • high visibility reflective jacket

S) Gates : GPS coordinates, opening time and validation procedures

Gates are intermediate checkpoints to be crossed by all participants to perform a validation action. The validation action can be represented by the passage itself in front of the Gate or, at the participant’s choice, by the stamping of the CDP (Carnet De Passage) by the Gate staff.

The 2019 four gates (checkpoints) are listed below:

G1 Strasbourg – Strasbourg Tourist Office – (everyday from 9am to 7pm)
Address: 17, place de la Cathédrale – 67082 Strasbourg – France
GPS : 48.581992 – 7.7499313

G2 Bastogne – Pays De Bastogne – (from june 15 to september 14 from 9am to 12.30pm and from 1pm to 9pm)
Address : Place McAuliffe, 60 B-6600 Bastogne – Belgium
GPS : 50.000496 – 5.7152992

G3 Oslo – Oslo Visitor Centre / Oslo tourist information office – (Monday / saturday 8am to 7pm / sunday 9am alle 7pm)
Address : Jernbanetorget 1, Østbanehallen – N-0154 Oslo, Norway
GPS : 59.910730 – 10.751396

G4 Lofoten – Svolvær Tourist information – (from 9am to 8.30pm)
Address : Torget 18 – 8300 Svolvær – Norway
GPS : 68.231845 – 14.564658

Gates are intermediate checkpoints to be crossed by all participants to perform a validation action. The validation action can be represented by the passage itself in front of the Gate or, at the participant’s choice, by the stamping of the CDP (Carnet De Passage) by the Gate staff.

Gates are placed along the route and to reach them you only have to follow the track provided to you (the gates are identifiable and marked by WayPoint GPS). To perform the compulsory validation action, available H24, you can, at your discretion:

Go to the Gate during opening hours when you will find the Gate staff; the validation action will be represented by the stamping of your CDP by the Staff.

Go to the Gate during closing hours. You will not find the staff and you will not be able to receive the stamp; in this case, the validation action, verifiable by the organization via satellite, will be your passage through the Gate.

Recommendation: during the operations of registration, participants are advised to pay attention to their bicycle. The gates are all located in areas of tourist interest and thefts have been reported, so please pay attention to the bike and in case, bring it by hand, inside the office for the registration.


T) The last kilometers towards North Cape. Information and altimetry of Mageroya Island

Mageroya is the island where North Cape is located. Unlike the entire itinerary of NorthCape4000, where the altimetry is fairly moderate, this wonderful island looks like a RollerCoaster. You reach the island after crossing the famous “NordKapp Tunnel”. The 6870-meters long tunnel, open to bicycle traffic (we recommend caution and visible lights), which descends to 212 meters below sea level, is a unique experience and is basically a very long descent and subsequent long ascent. The average slope is 9%.

Once out of the tunnel, you will have to face the last ford that leads you, after about 54 km, to the arrival of NorthCape4000. Below is the altimetry of the last 30 km from Honningsvag to North Cape:

U) Overnight stays, supermarkets, ATMs and services available

Honningsvag (30 km away from North Cape).

The northernmost city in the world has all the comforts of a small Arctic community including 4 hotels, 1 Hostel, Medical Point, ATM counter, Information Office and various types of restaurants, in addition to the “Rema1000”, a very well-stocked supermarket.

Skarsvag (detour from the road to North Cape)

After about 20 km from Honningsvag, along the E69 road leading to North Cape, you will find the detour to Skarsvag (right, 3.5 km away). It is a very small town where you can find two campsites (tents & cottages), complete with laundry and restaurants. There are no supermarkets.

V) NorthCape visitor centre, opening hours, info and services

The North Cape Visitor Centre (free entry for cyclists) is open every day:

  • from may 18 to august 17 is open from 06.30 to 1am
  • from august 18 to august 31 is open from 06.30 am to 22 pm
  • from september 1 closed at 3 pm

It has shops, 2 restaurants, 1 café, 1 area dedicated to documentaries and the natural heritage of North Cape. As with all places in the world that have a strong tourist attraction, restaurant prices inside the centre are not very cheap; remember that you can buy the necessary things at the supermarket of Honningsvag, the “Rema1000”, for a reasonable price. The Visitor Centre Staff is operative from 9am to 1.00am and can be found at the 3 check-in desks located just beyond the entrance door.

At NorthCape4000, you are free to organize your schedule and the time of arrival at North Cape; if you arrive at night, you will have to stay outside the Visitor Centre until 06.30am, which is the opening hours. Remember that in North Cape, there are no overnight accommodation facilities, except for the free campsite with one’s own tent. In the 2017 edition, some Riders slept outdoors, in the back of the Visitor Centre, sheltered by a wing of the building.

If you arrive at night, your Finisher registration will take place the next morning and we will consider your last GPS tracking valid for the time of arrival. 

Tip: Once you get to Honningsvag, do the point of the situation and keep in mind, if you arrive at Honningsvag in the evening, that at the North Cape there aren’t accomodations to spend the night, so consider, also in light of your psychophysical conditions, whether or not it is the case of arriving at North Cape during the night; or, after a few hours of rest in Honningsvag, conquers Caponord with the light of day. The choice is yours, but always remember that you are at the Arctic Circle and the weather,in Nordkapp, can change in every moment, as well as the temperatures. If you get tired or at the limit, it may be difficult to spend an outdoor night.

W) What to do on arrival: registration procedure and NC4K Finisher stamp

For the registration procedures, on your arrival to North Cape, you will have to go to the Visitor Centre (leaving your bike in the entrance tunnel next to the NorthCape4000 roll-ups, as you cannot introduce it in the centre), where you will be welcomed to Desk number 1 (which is located just beyond the entrance door), by the NorthCape4000 Staff or, if after August 12, 2019, by Visit Norway staff.

X) The staff NorthCape4000 & Visit Norway at the NorthCape

Arrival by August 12 with NorthCape4000 staff.

The staff will welcome you to the Visitor Centre by stamping your CDP (Carnet De Passage) with the FINISHER stamp at Desk 1, as well as registering your name, date and time of arrival. In addition, when you wish, the staff will be happy to give you a short interview and video footage, in addition to the official photo of the arrival together with your bike (to access the North Cape Globe by bicycle, you will have to go through the external path that is to the left of the entrance door), which will be taken under the Globe, as usual.

Arrival beyond August 12 with Visit Norway staff.

If you reach North Cape after August 12, Visit Norway staff will welcome you to the Centre. Go to Desk 1 to get the FINISHER stamp and if it is not supervised by the staff, have a moment of patience and ask for an attendant. The staff will stamp your book and register your name, date and time of arrival at the centre.

Y) From NorthCape to Alta, available buses, stops and how to bring the bike onboard

When we talk about North Cape, we always think of a place isolated from the world, difficult to access and requiring an incredible amount of energy to anyone who wants to return home. In fact, things are very different and, despite you are in the heart of the Arctic Circle, North Cape is a place that is very well connected to the rest of the world, especially in summertime.

Unless you decide to return home by bicycle or post boat along the Norwegian coast, in 95% of cases you will return home by taking a plane from the International Airport of Alta (200 km from North Cape, the largest airport in Finnmark, the region where North Cape is located). Booking a flight from Alta is easy and thanks to Norwegian Airlines’ low cost airline, it is now also cheap if booked well in advance.

To reach Alta, you are spoilt for choice as there are bus connections either directly from the North Cape Visitor Centre (in the area opposite the entrance, 30 meters away), or, if you want to relax a few days and enjoy the beautiful nature of Mageroya, you can take the bus from Honningsvag (bus terminal at the port). Alta is about 200 km from Honningsvag (about 4 hours and 20 minutes travel time) and the bus stops at Alta Airport and at Alta Bus Terminal. Bike can be carried unpackaged simply by removing the front wheel and bags.

The company of the Boreal group that operates connections in the region is SNELANDIA: http://www.snelandia.no/

Info about timetables and prices are available directly on the SNELANDIA website or at the Visitor Centre of North Cape; tickets can be purchased directly on board without reservation (bus departures 30 meters away from the Visitor Centre). In summer, there are frequent daily connections, both for the Honningsvag / Alta route and Nordkapp / Alta route.

Z) International Airport of Alta, retrieval of bicycle packaging

Once you arrive in Alta, you will find a small town with all services, including campsites, hotels, restaurants, ATMs, medical points and supermarkets.

Bicycle embarkation by air always depends on the policy of the individual airlines; Norwegian Airlines low cost airline accepts bikes even without packaging (in this case, you will have to disassemble the front wheel and pedals, deflate the tires and cover delicate parts such as the derailleur). If you want to bring your bike to the check-in desk (safer), we suggest you to go to the Alta bike shop to get your bike packaging or, if you do not have one, go to the local supermarket and find a cardboard packaging. Usually, supermarkets keep free cartons for bicycles at the disposal of riders, given the high turnout of tourists by bicycle in summer, so just ask the staff to have one for your bike.

In any case, as things may change, please check the airline page to this link:


AA) Where to find the carton for your bike in Alta

Here is just a partial list of shops where you can find the packaging for your bike:

  • Rema1000 (supermarket close to the airport)
    Indirizzo : Smibakken 11, 9515 Alta
  • Europris Alta (supermarket close to the airport)
    Indirizzo : Buktaveien 4, 9515 Alta
  • Sport 1 Sykkel og Ski (sport shop)
    Indirizzo: Bjørn Wirkolas vei 15. 9510 Alta
  • G-Sport Hammari (sport shop)
    Indirizzo : Løkkeveien 10 , 9510 Alta , Norway
  • Canyon Sport (sport shop)
    Indirizzo : Altaveien 285, 9515 Alta
  • Sport 1 Alta (sport shop)
    Indirizzo : Markedsgata 21-25, 9510 Alta

BB) Use of the Facebook Group and communication with NC4K Staff

The NorthCape4000 Facebook group has been created to facilitate the exchange of information between participants and event enthusiasts. The Staff answers only during the event while, during the year, it answers questions from participants or anyone who wants to receive information via email and to questions that are not included in the FAQ page. We remind you that in 99% of cases, the answer to any questions about the event is included in the FAQ page, so you are invited to read it carefully. The Facebook group, as stated in the event guidelines, is a place where polite and positive behaviur is required, in line with the spirit of the event. We also kindly ask you not to send private messages to staff members for strictly operational matters concerning the edition. For questions regarding the event, please use the event email if there is not already an answer on the FAQ page.

CC) NorthCape4000 philosophy and behaviours not in line with the spirit of the event

NorthCape4000 was created with a specific aim: improving people’s lives through an extraordinary sporting experience in a unique geographical context.

Improving means enjoying and benefitting from an experience that most people only experience once in their lives. For this reason, all that is related to the event should be lived and interpreted with positive feelings, enthusiasm, politeness towards others and the staff, as well as awareness of being able to live something extraordinary that can open your mind and really change your life. Fortunately, this happens in almost all the people who participate in the event.

Unfortunately, sometimes this spirit is completely misunderstood or neglected, with the result that not only the participants do not experience the event as it was conceived, but use incorrect tones towards those who work hard to develop the event all year round. This behaviour not only disrespects the staff, but also pollutes the atmosphere of the event and damages those who rightly come to NorthCape4000 to live a positive interval that goes beyond problems, clashes, anxieties and frustrations typical of everyday life.

So please, always remember that the purpose of participating in this event is to do something extraordinary that will make you happy and that you can tell with contagious enthusiasm. Then, even if we understand that the preparation can ‘bring” a certain amount of anxiety, approach the event in all its aspects with happiness and joy, after all … you are here for that!


Other information are coming.

If you want information on a topic that you have not found in the section or you want to contribute to a page, send an email to info@northcape4000.com.

Your feedback and experience are important.