Rules & Regulations NorthCape4000. | North Cape 4000

Rules & Regulations NorthCape4000.

  1. Helmet, lights, respect of local and national laws and respect of the rules of the road. We want that the NorthCape4000 becomes an expression of Sport, adventure and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore remember, Safety First or there can be no fun.
  2. The grand depart will be from Lake Garda on the 28th July, 2018. The organization staff will give the participants a full outline of the route to be followed without deviations or cuts until reaching North Cape. Along the route, the participants have to carry out a validation procedure at all mandatory Gates specified by the staff. If the checks on satellite tracking detect that the participant cut short or failed to pass through one of the 4 Gates or to carry out the validation, the participant will be automatocally disqualified.
  3. It is not permitted in any way whatsoever the use of outside support from third parties. If the live tracking shows any misdemeanours such as the use of automated transport for example, the participant will be immediately disqualified. It is your responsibility to uphold the principles of adventure and honesty; to have one’s name on the list of finishers at the top of the world is honour and an achievement. But it is your responsibility to ensure it is done in a clean and sportsmanship like manner.
  4. Live tracking of all the participants during the event is via the SPOT tracking device or alternatively for those participants without a SPOT device by another tracking system that will be provided, free of charge, by the organisers. The use of a tracking device, be it the SPOT device or the other tracking system is obligatory and allows all participants to update their position during the length of the event.
  5. The ferries are allowed "Tallinn (Estonia) / Helsinki (Finland)" .The other routes by sea are prohibited.
  6. The freedom of interpretation is a fundamental principle of NorthCape4000. You are free to tackle the course on their own or in teams, with people known on the day of departure or with a group of friends.
  7. The organization does not recommend participants to cycle during nighttime and, in any case, where there is low visibility or poor safety conditions. If you decide to do this, it is mandatory to use an appropriate front and rear lighting system as well as a high visibility reflective clothing. Cycling consecutively for many days, with few or no rest, can cause hallucinations and drastically lower the threshold of attention on the road and the perception of danger.