Bike Challenge 2017

Bike Challenge 2017

Inaugural Edition 2017

We dreamed of an event that would allow people to change their point of view about their possibilities and what a human being can do when he has the courage to put himself into play. We dreamed of a timeless and magnetic journey, capable of making such an intense and extraordinary experience to be turned into wealth, source of inspiration and indelible memory. The Adventure, the format on which we based NorthCape4000, has turned a view into reality.

Dedicated to all Participants, dedicated to our 41 Finishers. We are proud to have been at your side on the road for 4200 km, up to the End of the World.



Order of Arrival 2017


Paolo Laureti (ITA) D10 / H23 / M36
Alex Bourgeonnier (FRA) D11 H9 M51
Eric Cupo (FRA) D11 H15 M46

Rudy Rollenberg (BEL) D12 H6 M33
Kurt Verheyden (BEL) D12 H8 M55
Dario Valsesia (ITA) D12 H16 M10
Manlio Pasqualin (ITA) D12 H16 M10
Dieter Schietse (BEL) D12 H16 M46
Morten kjaersgaard (DK) D12 H17 M12
Michela Ton (ITA) D13 H3 M36
Stefano Gamper (ITA) D13 H3 M36
Artur Hajduk (GER) D13 H4 M29
Antti Sintonen (FIN) D13 H5 M36
Michal Laifert (CZR) D13 H14 M22
Daniel Licastro (AUS) D13 H19 M35
Pascal Viout (FRA) D13 H19 M35
Michiel Verhaeghe (BEL) D13 H19 M35
Torbjorn Svantesson (SVE) D14 H14 M50
Qno Lundkvist (NOR) D14 H14 M50
Florian Sickel (GER) D14 H22 M12
Stephen Butcher (UK) D15 H3 M33
Andrea Collino (ITA) D15 H9 M13
Mattia Biffi (ITA) D15 H9 M13
Javier Barca Cantorna (ESP) D15 H9 M13
Jan Kosta Kostolasky (SLK) D15 H10 M42
John Bell (GER) D15 H10 M42
Renato Ghiraldo (ITA) D16 H1 M45
Gyanendra Sharma (IND) D16 H2 M04
Simone Parri (ITA) D16 H8 M01
André Cedric (FRA) D17 H1 M54
Charles Billau (FRA) D17 H9 M45
Giampiero Monti (ITA) D17 H10 M40
Alberto Padovani (ITA) D17 H10 M40
Stino De Gallier (BEL) D19 H12 M13
Ponomale Tony (FRA) D20 H12 M17
Mzari Sami (FRA) D20 H13 M23
Pierluigi Talamona (ITA) D22 H11 M8
Franco Morgani (ITA) D24 H4 M15
Alberto Varni (ITA) D24 H4 M28
Maurizio Pitti (ITA) D24 H5 M23
Cristian Galli (ITA) D25 H9 M29