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Tips & Tricks

In addition to a massive amount of euphoria and emotion, the decision to participate in a continental ultra-cycling event, like the NorthCape4000, inevitably leads to a whole series of questions and doubts.
Questions ranging from: “which is the best bike setup? And the ideal technical clothing?” to practical questions such as "how do I return home once in North Cape?", or "what should I do when I arrive?” Precisely to help you answer these questions, we have created a series of information sheets with practical info that will help you experience the NorthCape4000 exactly in the way it was conceived, namely an extraordinary event, a perfect combination of sport and adventure, to live in serenity and complete fun.
This information is based on our experience and that of the NorthCape4000 2017 edition riders, to whom we are sincerely grateful for their contributions. Good reading.

How to reach Arco

How to reach Arco

How to reach Arco - practical Information

NC4K World: Lapland

Among the wildest places you will cross during Nc4k, Lapland is a region full of magic where distance, cities and services are expanded. 700 km, from Arctic Circle to North Cape, in the Roadbook devoted to services.

Arrival in NorthCape

Mageroya: Arrival in NorthCape

Practical information about NorthCape. Mageroya island altimeter profile, accomodation & supermarkets, NorthCape Visitor Centre, Finisher registration process, buses available to reach Alta airport and back home.